Training Our German Shepherds

We raise incredible German Shepherds from our house and prepare them for yours. Adult dogs of varying ages may become available for a number of reasons as, unfortunately, we cannot keep them all. The wonderful dogs listed here are available for very special and lucky homes. Please understand that these dogs have had countless hours of training, as well as love, medical care, health clearances, and more.

The costs associated with producing top-quality dogs is only a portion of what they are worth.

Feel free to contact us about other youth/adult dogs that may be available and have not yet updated the page.

 Hi I'm Ellie May- daughter of Empress & Vegas.  Born May 11 2023 

I'm available as your Best friend or to also be considered for a Service Dog potential. $4000  ($3850 cash) already Titled & puppy Vaccines completed including rabies & microchip - AKC registered & microchip enrolled for LIFE. 
I'm now puppy Manners and Obedience Beginner trained. I've already earned my VHMP (Home Manners)title and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title.  I'm able to quietly stay in my crate for the night or when you have to go anyway for the day. I love walks on or off leash.  I am sweet, fun, cuddly, kind, alert, enthusiastic to learn.  I'm looking for my forever home to enjoy playing, walks, hiking, cuddling, and maybe some doggie training sports like rally, trick dog or even obedience. I am wonderful for sharing my food bowl with my fur friends.  I respect other animals including chickens, turkeys, cats, cows and little dogs.  Lets make a plan for you to come see me and my parents. 
please call me at:

Hi! I'm Troy.   Born March 27th 2023.
Officially Triumphant Troy vom Appleridge My parents are IronMan & Trinity $5000 (3% cash discount)

I’m a big, thick, heavy set solid guy with a heart of GOLD.  I’m loving, kind, alert, fun, interactive, respectful, well mannered, smart and easy to train.  Speaking of training, I’ve already got my “Canine Good Citizen” title and passed the “Virtual Home Manners” VHMP for being such a well mannered fur kid inside and out.  I love to play with other dogs.  I’m good with the cat and chickens.  I even know to leave the cows and donkey alone.  Come visit me and I’ll show you how wonderful I am.  I love my crate and have wonderful potty manners.  Seriously, I go on command.  I even know the difference between “go potty!” and “go pooh pooh”.  A “hurry up” helps me to know you have a busy schedule.  I’d love to have an opportunity to impress you.  Come hang out with me and my parents.  You will see why you need me in your life.  See you soon 🙂

My Mom ( Above) and handsome really red Dad (below) 

Other Youth/Adult German Shepherd Dogs

Please take note that the dogs listed here are not ours. We are listing them as a courtesy, so take note of the information provided.


  • Yes, He Flies!
  • Shockwave and Romance’s
  • $10,000 Unlimited
  • $9,000 Limited
Trained Dog