Decades of Titled Dogs

Since we started, we have had legions of well-mannered friends. We proudly share with North America the outstanding dogs we have bred, co-bred, and coached to stardom.

We are all about education and sharing knowledge with the generations to come. There is no greater achievement than to help others succeed.

We have spent decades teaching and coaching trainers, breeders, professionals, and individuals on how to improve their relationships with their dogs.

We teach them to understand the science behind communicating with their best friend. We believe that being a better team member changes lives and improves animal-human relations in the communities around them.

We are proud of each and every dog and their wonderful owners for all they do. We are also including OVC OFA certification as an accomplishment because, in our eyes, no accomplishment is greater than good health.

We are proud of each and every dog that leaves Appleridge German Shepards, and we encourage everyone, even if their dog leaves us as a “pet,” to try their best with their dog to see what they can achieve.

Opportunities and Titles That Come with Being a Fur Parent

In the world of purebred dogs, many doors are open for you, whether it is something simple like a CGC or CGN to something more advanced such as BN, BH, CD, CDX, Utility Dog (UD), or CH. You may even want to have a rally, herding, or farm dog.

Many dogs are purchased for show and breeding purposes. However, just because you buy your puppy as a pet doesn’t mean the fun stops there. Many titles can be achieved by fixed dogs, some are left open only to those ideally suited for breeding.

The dogs shown here are mostly family pets. Their owners chose to see what they could truly accomplish with the amazing breed they were blessed to own. However famous or smart, trained, or just an amazing companion, who knows what could come next for GSD. We hope you enjoy the dogs shown as a tribute to the amazing breed everyone knows as German Shepherds.


Raised and Bred with Love

With our many years of proving our dogs for you, we are confident in helping future pet parents to know that we care and are in this for life. Titles mean everything to you. Trust us, you need to know that the dogs that make your new companion come from the very best representatives of the breed who love to care for each dog. We are not brokers; we treat each of them as family members.

It took us many years to breed and own all these wonderful dogs, and we hope to be around for many years to come.