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“God bless you Mrs. Miller Farrah is amazing and doing well everywhere she goes, and so smart. Sometimes I think she wants to stay at home some mornings with and just play with the kids all day instead of going to work with me….but she follows me everywhere and we all love her, and even my young children kiss her. She really enjoys going to the Dog Day Spa and thank you again so much for such a wonderful Service Dog, the professionalism and you hospitality and the love and companion you have for U.S. War Veterans. Kimberly French and I are grateful to be able to have you as friends and look forward to the new addition in 3 cant not wait to see what you will have down the road. God bless you Mrs. Miller”
“FYI MOONSHINE IS THE BEST SHEPHERD EVER FYI our Vet said that Moonshine is the BEST SHEPHERD that has EVER came in there!!!!:) They could not believe how well mannered she was and how she let them work with her! Thank you so much!!! Blessed to have Moonshine!”
“This is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever worked with. Sometimes I really am blown away how brilliant Barrett is. Every time I work with him he picks up a new trick or what I’m teaching him immediately. This is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Appleridge German Shepherds to anyone looking for a GSD.”
“Secretly doing wonderful. Secret doing wonderful. Right in the coop with sixty chickens. Could care less. Walks around all the cats and ignores them. Walked her on about twenty acres today and laid by the pool. She is super attentive to me mostly.She slept for three hours and never moved until I got to gate at the driveway and it opened. Then she sat up. Our driveway is really long as we are way up on a hill and I kept telling her this is your farm and she was looking out the window.She is really pulled to olivia and i. Funny. She is doing perfect. I will send you some pictures next week. Thanks so much!”
“Just thought I’d let you know how proud I am of my girl (Sammi) Just thought I’d let you know how proud I am of my girl (Sammi). We went to the vet for a quick health check, ‘cause she has an appointment to get spayed on July 14 and she was a perfect angel. Chaos all around, dogs barking, cats meowing and she decides to have a little nap while we’re waiting... LOL! Tata for now, ”