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Appleridge German Shepherds is a dedicated hobby German Shepherd breeder, that has produced legions of titled dogs for decades. We offer training of our pups with you or for you: Obedience-all levels, Trick Dog, virtual manners, Rally – all levels, Service Dog, Human Assistance, Indicator Dog, PTSD, Seizure Alert, Hearing Ear, Farm Dog Certification, Scenting Temperament Testing, Fast Cat and so much more . In addition to training service dogs and assistance dogs, we also do the same for family dogs.

We put our passion into our loving companions. We are happy to share life’s joy with such extraordinary, smart, healthy, and well-bred West German Shepherd Dogs (GSD).

Our Relocation

We are happy to announce that we retired in beautiful sunny Ocala, Florida. We are glad to help arrange for getting pups and trained dogs home. Come to our home to view puppies and their parents, and trained Service Dog potentials. Occasionally retiring trained, titled, health certified adults. 

Return Policy

      Tennessee - Debbie Tripplett @ Canine Connenctions - Class Updates

Debbie is delighted to have your Appleridge fur kid stay in her well appointed “Canine Hotel”  to help you turn your canine friend into a great dog. Fortunately for our pet parents, Debbie Triplett has joined the training team to carry on what we did for 35 years supporting all of you to make your well bred gSD into your Dream Dog. She is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) member for Tennessee and loves search dog training


                   Please contact Debbie: text at 423-838-0491 or email


                                            Classes or Board & Train Options

                                       No Classes During the  Holidays or             Holiday Weekends

About Training and Boarding-Only Location

Location: Cleveland, TN 37312

Trained Youth & Adults - $ based on Skills, Titles, Age

Trained Youth start at $4500 will be health checked and we will assist you in feeling comfortable with handling your new companion. Documentation for microchip, vaccines and American Kennel Club paperwork will be gladly provided, unless indicated. (rehome or retiring) 

Schedule personal appointments to visit our dogs or have an interview for interested canine parents. You may also contact us to set up Appleridge pup training in Ocala, FL.

No charge group classes the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month at   11 am sharp, for our Appleridge dogs only, please.

  Contact us at (423) 457-3808 to schedule an appointment. You are also welcome to email

Learn about our services and our available dogs.

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Our Dedication to Breeding German Shepherds

We have dedicated our lives day in and day out, year after year, to providing quality German Shepherd dogs to families. We have been blessed with these amazing dogs and are excited to share them with families that will appreciate our commitment to future generations of humans.

To honor the tradition of a versatile, loyal, and loving family companion with no extremes, we put our focus on preserving the perfect German Shepherd breed, which was created 100 years ago by Cavalry Captain Max von Stephanitz on April 22, 1899. They were known as a working dog breed with exceptional trainability and loyalty. We also value calm dogs with a steady temperament.

Our bloodlines have established a reputation over the decades for high intelligence, calmness, and great character. Notice Appleridge has great respect for the oringinal qualities that made GSD’s so famous and versatile. A healthy structure offers the opportuniy for better health and proper movement. No extreme bodies or low rears. Dogs that actuallt walk on theie feet and have a straight topline. 

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Standards

  1. You maintained membership in good standing for a minimum period of 10 consecutive years.
  2. You bred purebred dogs for a minimum period of 10 years; you bred or owned at least five dogs that are individually registered with CKC, which included “Appleridge” in the dogs’ names; and each of these dogs has been granted a CKC title.
  3. You have not been subject to disciplinary action during the term of your membership, which resulted in suspension, deprivation, termination, or expulsion.

About Our Line of German Shepherd Dogs

Our lines are known for excellent scenting dogs, whether for service, trackers, or alert dogs. Many family dogs will excel at multiple tasks, as families are full of life and experiences that fill their dogs’ days with activities and learning experiences. Hide-and-seek is a fabulous prelude to search and rescue, as it is enjoyed by the young and the old alike.

Willingness to please others is what a GSD is all about. With a good leader, these well-bred dogs from the top pedigrees in the world can learn to your heart’s desire. When raised properly, these dogs will respect the family structure and pack leadership, becoming almost telepathic in nature and able to predict your needs as you think of them.

Appleridge breeds dogs of sturdy nature, larger boned with traditional types and colors. We appreciate the many types of German Shepherds available, but we choose to remain steadfast in tradition: that is, a dog that thinks before acting, respects other animals and humans of any age, enjoys being a member of its pack, loves life to the fullest with their family members, would gladly sacrifice their own life if the pack is being threatened, and is highly tolerant of family and friends.

Babies With Guard DogTraining Session

Homing Conditions for Our Pups

Woof Pack Pro

Our dogs are raised in family homes, with our friends and family, and also in our own home. There are no kennel dogs. We respect our best friends too much to bore them with the limitations of a kennel. We have bred, co-bred, and trained the dogs, and even trained the pet parents.

Awards and Recognition

  • #3 German Shepherd Obedience Dog in Canada 2008
  • #3 German Shepherd Obedience Dog in Canada 2007
  • #4 German Shepherd Obedience Dog in Canada 2006
  • #1 Obedience Dog in Canada 2003 All Breeds “Comrade”
  • Legions of Titled Dogs in Working/Sports/Confirmation
  • Received a Score of 100% on our Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluation Test