Cute Little Puppies

Welcome to your Furture with a beautiful new fur son or daughter !

We are making plans for our next litter. We would like to remind you to plan ahead. We are only considering 3 litter at the most for 2024. Our lives are so busy doing Humanitarian work, helping the Service Dog groups create breeding programs that suit the needs of the VA Veterans, Austistic Children and Adults, Special Needs individuals, as well as the many other Human Assistance needs. We are also involved in Humanitarian tiny homes projects and Community Assistance programs helping people to make their way back to Constituional Law and Lifestyles. Its time for us to come together to rebuild this Incredible country once more. Love Wins ! Have a Beautiful Day, looking forward to your call. Our cell # is 423 457 3808 and we accept texts anytime too.
We will be happy to put your reservation deposit on one of our very special fur kids.

Life is so much better with a Best Fur Friend that is always willing to cuddle and listen. Love to All.

    Empress ( Emily & Shockwave) sitting left/ Daddy – Vegas (Christmas & Deacon) enjoying Nicoles’ love


We are planning 2024 Parents for Litters now.  We are excited to invite you to reserve your special fur kid for 2024.  

    Noble ( Neffi & Shockwave) sitting left/ Daddy – Vegas (Christmas & Deacon) enjoying Nicoles’ love

  • Expect larger dogs with thick heavier boned bodies of “OLD” style squarer bodies.  Males 100 LBS + Females 80 LBS +  Expect incredible personalities.  Wonderful fur with brilliant red and velvet black saddles.  This proven litter will present to you
  • brilliant
  • trainable 
  • alert
  • low – medium prey drives
  • impeccable temperaments for Human Assistance Dogs
  • Scent discrimination capable 
  • fun
  • loving
  • cuddly
  • attentive
  • absolutely dependable with children 
  • absolutely dependable with other pets
  • wonderful sociable companions
  • naturally alert protectiveness 
  • can be molded for natural protectiveness